Q. Why have you launched a website which sells bloodstock?
A. Primarily because of how the majority of people sell their horses, and the limited options available to them. Agents source horses on a ‘one at a time’ basis, and you don’t usually list a horse for sale with them either. Also because, as we say in the next point, our website is different because it emails listings to prospective buyers.

Q. Why should I use the ‘Horse Shop’ on Harnessworld.co.nz as opposed to other options?
A. Because the other websites that we know of in NZ and Australia are passive – they are there, but you need to go and find them and do all the legwork yourself. Whereas with the ‘Horse Shop’ we’re extremely proactive with your quest to find a buyer or seller. We regularly promote Harnessworld by way of advertising, raising its profile within the industry and reminding people of the many features it offers – the ‘Horse Shop’ being just one of them. Furthermore, we automatically send the ‘Horse Shop’ listings to an ever-increasing number of email contacts.

Q. Why should I pay a Listing Fee?
A. Because we do all the work for you – such as inputting all the information you supply, uploading any pictures you may have, providing a link to the horse’s details on the official websites of either New Zealand (HRNZ) or Australia (HRA), plus we will also do any updates that you request. This process takes time and it’s done professionally. Our standard Listing Fees of $50 + GST and $100 + GST are just ‘nominal’ fees, and don’t actually recoup all the costs involved in loading your listings onto this site.

Q. How long does a listing last for?
A. Your listing stays on our website until such time as the horse is sold/leased, or until you obtain the horse you are wanting to buy/lease, or you ask us to remove it.

Q. Am I able to make changes to my horse’s price and/or any other details after it’s been listed?
A. Absolutely! Whether it’s a different price, an update on the horse’s performance, or whatever – we will alter any information that you want us to, and at no additional cost.

Q. Does Harnessworld get involved as an Agent for either the Buyer or Seller?
A. No. Harnessworld’s ‘Horse Shop’ is simply the vehicle to get horses in front of prospective buyers and sellers. All discussions and negotiations that take place are private and solely between the buyer and seller.

Q. Why do I then have to pay 5% commission on any successful sale?
A. Because, as stated above, we email the listings to prospective buyers on a regular basis and we are also constantly tracking down new names and email addresses to add to our database – so your potential target market is always on the increase. We will also be promoting and advertising Harnessworld’s ‘Horse Shop’ in mediums and areas where we believe the prospective buyers and sellers can be found. And as far as the 5% + GST commission rate is concerned, this is half or less of what most Agents charge. It is a professional operation, being run professionally and staff need to be paid.

Q. Do you offer any guarantee of a sale?
A. We’d like to, but no. Regardless of the supply and demand at any time, no-one can promise that a horse which one person is selling will actually be what someone else wants to buy. So we can’t guarantee any sales results, but what we can and do guarantee is that you’re dealing with a professional company which is totally committed to the goal of putting your horse in front of as many people as possible – regardless of the price. The listing fee doesn’t even begin to cover the administration and set-up costs of putting a horse on our website, so without actual sales we don’t earn a living: there’s no better motivation than that!

Q. Will your website attract Bloodstock Agents?
A. We would expect it to. Should this happen, we are prepared to discuss our commission rate with the Agent.